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How to Prepare for an Onboarding Call with Foxdeli
How to Prepare for an Onboarding Call with Foxdeli
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To ensure everything runs smoothly, here are some tips on how to prepare for setting up your Foxdeli account online. Don't worry; it's simple 🙂.

⭐ Please log in to the computer where you intend to set up your account. We will ask you to share your screen so we can see what it looks like on your end and guide you through everything easily.

⭐ Do not use an anonymous browser window during onboarding, as it can cause issues with the application setup. We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you have the AdBlocker extension active in your browser, you'll need to disable it.

⭐ During onboarding, you will need the following on your computer:

  • Access to the email linked to your e-shop.

  • Your e-shop's logo.

⭐To connect individual carriers together, it will help if you have the necessary information prepared. You can usually find it in the carrier's application or client portal. Here are detailed guides on how to do it:

‼️ For some carriers (PPL, DPD_CZ, Pošta bez hranic, ...), you need to contact their sales representative in advance and request activation of our service and access credentials. You'll find all the information in the guides. Please pay attention to this step so that we can easily connect carriers during the call.

For further integration steps, we have prepared a clear API documentation that you can share with your IT colleagues:

We look forward to working with you 🦊

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