Shoptet Foxdeli Add-on
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The Foxdeli add-on for Shoptet is available at:

The Foxdeli add-on for Shoptet Premium is available at:

Setting up the add-on works best through the Google Chrome browser; we recommend not using Safari.


  1. Go to the add-on address in Shoptet (see links above) and click the Order Add-on button:

  2. After installation, click the Go to add-on settings link:

  3. In the add-on settings, you will see two tabs: Basic settings and Carriers.
    In the Basic settings section, there is an overview of actions that the add-on has created. No adjustments or settings are needed here.

  4. Go to the second Carriers tab. Here, you will see all the types of delivery that you have set up in Shoptet. Click the Connect Carrier button for each type of delivery that you want to use within Foxdeli.

  5. With this step, you have completed all the setup in Shoptet. Now, all that remains is to set up your Foxdeli account itself.

  6. By installing the add-on, you have automatically registered on, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the Foxdeli add-on for Shoptet. You should have received an invitation to your new Foxdeli account in your email. Simply click the Accept Invitation button.

  7. The Registration Guide will walk you through the entire setup of your Foxdeli account. If you're interested in getting started as quickly as possible, take a look at the article on How to Get Started with Foxdeli.

If you need help with anything, let us know via the chat in the bottom right corner of the page 😀.

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