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How to Utilize Post-Purchase Communication to Grow Your Numbers 📈
How to Utilize Post-Purchase Communication to Grow Your Numbers 📈
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Foxdeli completely replaces* communication from carriers with your own. Customers gain a complete overview of their shipments, buy more products, and stop inquiring about the status of their shipment.

In Foxdeli, communication includes:

  • Your own Track & Trace page, instead of the carrier's shipment tracking page.

  • Mailing, which means your own notification emails during order delivery instead of carrier emails.

  • Advertising campaigns that place your banners on the mentioned T&T page and in notification emails.

Track & Trace page

General shipment tracking pages do not encourage customers to buy more products, yet they check their order status up to 3 times. Keep your brand in mind and redirect customers back to your e-shop using modern content that converts.

  • Banner campaigns that increase sales.

  • Custom design for the shipment tracking page.

  • 72 hours longer customer engagement.


Generic carrier emails are often ignored. With Foxdeli, you can replace them with your own notification emails with an impressive 85% open rate. Inform customers about the status of their order with clear and understandable email communication, to which you can also add your own advertising campaigns.

  • 99.9% email deliverability.

  • Custom design of email templates.

  • Banner campaigns that increase sales.


Increase revenue with marketing campaigns on T&T pages and in notification emails that 8 out of 10 of your customers will open. You can launch banner campaigns in just a few minutes and then watch the increase in additional sales.

  • Custom banner design.

  • Responsive display on all devices.

  • 24% more repeat purchases.


After delivery, offer automated delivery ratings. Collect practical insights directly from customers and improve the post-purchase experience, so customers return more often and recommend your e-shop.

  • Fewer negative reviews on comparison websites.

  • Identification of unreliable logistics partners.

  • Intuitive and fast rating mechanism.

*Communication will be completely replaced only if the carrier's communication is turned off. In most cases, this step should be discussed with your specific carrier's sales representative.

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