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How Problematic Orders Work? ⚠️
How Problematic Orders Work? ⚠️
Updated over a week ago

In the Problematic Orders section, you will be notified of every order that has an issue during delivery, and there's a risk of it not being delivered and returned to the warehouse. These orders are further divided into Urgent and Important, depending on how quickly they need resolution.

Actively addressing these orders can significantly reduce the number of undelivered shipments.

Example of how it works: If a shipment is traveling with GLS to Denmark, where the standard delivery time is 2 days, the Slightly Delayed Delivery indication will appear in Foxdeli on the 3rd day of delivery (if the shipment is still not delivered), and the Delayed Delivery indication will appear on the 4th day from the date of dispatch. Foxdeli works in the same way with all carriers to all countries. For international shipments, the Delayed Delivery indication works with the delivery time specified by the carrier as standard. Can we advise you on how to maximize the deliverability of your shipments? Contact us via chat, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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