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How to Get Started with Foxdeli
How to Get Started with Foxdeli
Updated over a week ago

You definitely want to get started using the entire application as quickly as possible. So, where should you start according to us?

  1. Enter information about your store(s).
    You can set up one or more stores, depending on how many you need.

  2. Configure the markets your store operates in.
    Each store can be set up for any number of markets (market = one country). Market configuration defines communication, including:

    • Customizing the store for a specific market (name, social media links, color scheme).

    • Track & Trace page.

    • Mailing.

    • Banner campaigns.

  3. Connect the carriers you use. You can find guides for individual carriers in this article.

And that's it If you need assistance with anything, let us know.

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